Switch Village, Vol. 1

by Switchvilla

Released 2016
Released 2016
The "Switch Village" Album is a collection of music that best represents the different sides of the Village. For the poppers, the street dancers, the movers, and the groovers.
SwitchVilla has been playing instruments as long as he can remember. As a lifelong student of music and dance, he blends the two together to craft a sound uniquely his own. Like many, he worked at a regular job in his 20s, but dissatisfied with the mundane and driven by his passion to create, he boldly rekindled his passion and began producing music professionally.

His music can be described as funky basslines infused with aggressive rhythms. Inspired by everything from Earth Wind & Fire, The Whispers, and Morris Day and the Time to the retro 8-bit sounds of video game music, his music references sounds of the past while presenting a fusion of futuristic digital sound and funk.

Although Switch resides in California’s Bay Area, his music spans across the continents. His music is consistently played on the dance floors worldwide, has a strong following in Japan, and even made it onto European TV for a dance group in Moldova’s Got Talent.

Nowadays, SwitchVilla not only produces music in his studio, but armed with his TalkBox and his keyboards, he is looking to perform for and connect with a live audience. His mission? To make you get down!